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It's like, hello, motherfuckers, she wrote the jokes while you were sleeping. Approved and edited by BuzzFeed … She's sad, sure, but she still wants to engage.Â. Only the need isn't desire, it's a wish to communicate. 2. I mean, just kill me now. (As clearly evidenced here. Including Lana Del Rey’s current boyfriend, past relationships, pictures together, and dating rumors, this comprehensive dating history tells you everything you need to know about Lana Del Rey’s love life. on August 22, 2019. I either love something or I... don't. Check! The track was released as the second promotional single from Del Rey's sixth studio album, Norman Fucking Rockwell! Lana Del Rey told a fan to “go f—k herself” for suggesting that she cast a ballot for Donald Trump. Cruel World Like, every word of it. 14. Don't question it. Video Games Many of her songs make me feel like she understands exactly how I feel and turned it into a song. 3. What an awkward nickname! But it devolves into a plea, a perfect plea. Love hurts. We're into it! 7. Given that “Summertime Sadness” is still floating around the charts seven years later, Born to Dieis probably the most definitive Lana del Rey album she has created. I don't know, is it? 5) "Old Money," Ultraviolence: Has Lana's voice ever sounded more strictly beautiful? The title was revealed in Interview magazine. Lana Del Rey gave fans another glimpse at her upcoming album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, which will drop this year after a Covid-19-related … You don't listen to Lana to be cool. Pick what song you like better in each battle to get an accurate list of your favourite songs. It could be a lot of things, but not that it isn't fashionable to love Lana. Yesterday, Del Rey revealed the cover artwork and tracklist for the album, which follows 2019’s Norman Fucking Rockwell! And that's all you need to know not to worry. She'll run. Lana Del Rey’s new single “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” comes as the singer fires back against critics for her album cover and comments on Trump and the Capitol riot. 42) "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," Honeymoon: Yes, this is another cover and, as such, maybe placed up a bit higher than it should be, except that this was the perfect song for Lana to cover. Nobody else these days uses strings for dramatic effect like Lana does, and it works perfectly in this song, which is a hot and sticky summer night come to life. 59) "Once Upon a Dream," Maleficent soundtrack: Speaking of twisted lullabies, is there anyone better than Lana to fully encapsulate the velvety midnight dark side of fairy tales in a song? by avairene. ", 26) "Radio," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: Can we please talk a little bit about how fucking hilarious and brilliant Lana is: (1) whenever she wants to be, and also (2) when she pronounces certain words? And that was confusing! Comment and share your favourite lyrics. High by the Beach I also love Lana Del Rey. 57) "Bel Air," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: The lilting piano that opens this song has a light urgency that kicks into gear as Lana starts singing; it has the feeling of some subversive Los Angeles lullaby, helped along by Lana's plea to "come to [her], baby." 8. 11) "Summertime Sadness," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: When I first heard this song, I was like, Finally! Brooklyn Baby Published 21 December 2019. Music to Watch Boys To 39) "Carmen," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: Though this song can feel a little after-school special-y at times—like, we get it, Carmen is young and on drugs—that winds up being okay because Lana manages to make this narrative into one that we actually really love listening to? Pop heads, we're ranking the best Lana Del Rey albums of all time. Yes. Love is Video Games grown-up. The Other Woman, 1. 47) "Cola," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: Someone once told me that the way you can tell if someone will like Coke or Pepsi more is that if they prefer lemon over cinnamon, then they're Pepsi drinkers. "24" is one of those songs that proves how prescient she was, and yet it's also a song I find myself putting on repeat not infrequently. 12. 28) "Art Deco," Honeymoon: Nobody sings with a sneer quite like Lana, and it's used to great effect in the rare ballad that serves as a diss track. And confusion is troubling. Note: hitting 'no opinion' or 'I like both' frequently will negatively affect your results. It's an absurdity of a musical number; it's infectious and poppy and makes our throat itch and our eyes roll when we listen to it. Radio Release Date October 1, 2008 50) "American," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: Though Lana doesn't lean all that hard on Americana and its iconography as much anymore, that doesn't mean it isn't an important part of her body of work, and an essential part to understanding the big picture themes she deals with—those of money, power, glory, Elvis, and Springsteen. 2. Del Rey started songwriting at the age of 18 and signed her first recording contract with 5 Points Records in 2007, releasing her first digital album Lana Del Ray in January 2010. Art Deco Miley Cyrus. 5. 61) "Big Eyes," The Big Eyes soundtrack: Undoubtedly a beautiful song (Lana can't really help but make beautiful things, can she? National. Awhile ago, there was an automatic song sorter on the infamous Moy's tumblr, but since his tumblr was removed, there hasn't been another that was frequently updated. "Unreleased Songs [Discography List]" Track Info. This is the song that Lana used to put us under her spell, and we're perfectly happy to stay right where we are. That opening "baby" is a velvet pillowcase placed right over our head. How else would you get those bee-stung lips anyway?Â. Neither, it seems, does Lana. The melancholy here is palpable, but still seductive as hell. And she'll run if he does. 10. No longer is it soundtracking a vintage video game, it’s now a … They're wild. 36) "Swan Song," Honeymoon: How do you not love a song that accurately conveys the histrionic emotions that accompany a breakup? What is the greatest Lana Del Rey album ever? 13 Beaches (2017) Art Deco (2015) Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (2017) Big Eyes (2014) Black Beauty (2015) Blue Jeans (2012) Body Electric (2012) Born To Die (2011) Brooklyn Baby (2014) Carmen (2012) Or more loosely? Even after selling nearly three million copies of her debut album worldwide, Lana Del Rey still faced a challenge during 2012: namely, proving to critics and fans that Born to Die wasn't a fluke. 24 25) "Groupie Love," Lust for Life: Only Lana can actually make a song about "groupie love" actually be about... love and babies and domestic happiness and all set to a beat that's impossible not to move to, smiling along the whole time. The simplicity of the piano behind Lana's plaintive voice, alternately pleading and totally over it, this is a song of mourning, a song of love. I mean, I don't know, I still like this. But so, anyway, the lyric that gets the most mentions in this gorgeous ballad is actually "He hit me, but it felt like a kiss," and "He hurt me, but it felt like true love." Because her voice sounds like a ball of mercury, rolling up and down a scraped-out skull, intoning things that sound like a twisted bedtime story, or even a lullaby, like, "all time is unredeemable" and "what might have been is an abstraction." 8) "Brooklyn Baby," Ultraviolence: Let's make this clear: Lana is too cool to know anyone, she is just like the ice she freezes. 10. Which is definitely as it should be. 8. The world has just ended. How to Disappear Terrence Loves You Can it? Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Lana Del Rey lyrics. "Black Beauty," Ultraviolence: Stick a rose in my mouth, I'm done. Little Mix (Members) Little Mix (Ships) Lorde. Lana doesn't know what the future holds—none of us do—but for the moment, she's present and in love. And she will use that strength to get whatever she wants next. Salvatore But also, so what? Lists that rank the best bands and musicians in every genre. That makes this song perfect. It's hard not to love that Lana is the kind of artist who can make lyrics like "summertime is nice and hot" feel, if not profound, at least worthwhile.Â, 53) "Flipside," Ultraviolence: An iTunes exclusive, this song was tacked on to the end of Ultraviolence, and it feels a little like an afterthought; most notably, the pacing can feel strange. 60) "Burnt Norton (Interlude)," Honeymoon: "Time present and time past are both perhaps present"... this spoken word interlude on Lana's Honeymoon album is like her "Revolution Number 9," in that you kind of want to skip over it at first, but you don't. 4. Blue Jeans Mayday Parade. Or is it both? Is it? Yes, there's an inherent glamour to anything she does, because, hello, did you forget who we're obsessively talking about here? 10. parents?". One Direction. 6. F**ked My Way Up to the Top 56) "Lucky Ones," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: What is not to love about Lana letting her incredibly rich and round voice get sharp as a stiletto, as a thorn on the bluest rose? National Anthem Community Contributor. I mean, she makes us want to listen to her jazz collection. 31) "God Knows I Tried," Honeymoon: This song hits like a kaleidoscope, it's full of all the colors and listening to it sets us spinning off into directions we barely even knew existed. Plus, it's just a really beautiful song. Shades of Cool It's pretty! “hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it” (Norman Fucking Rockwell, … The way the music spirals out as Lana sings that she's crazy is the perfect sonic parallel to how it feels to lose your mind... lose everything, really. Except maybe it will. Hi everyone! Rhyming "scarlet" with "starlet"? And what does Lana want to say: Goodbye, loser. Enjoy it. I will go into the rose garden with her. The prayer at the center of this song is so perfectly Lana; she knows what it is you pray for. Who is Lana Del Rey dating? Lana Del Rey has shared the video for her new song “Chemtrails Over the Country Club,” the title track for her forthcoming album. The album now also has a new release date attached to it: it’s due out March 19.Listen to ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club’ below. They're free. So we stay quiet and let her speak. 9. Religion Oh, and the strings. I will. 35)  "Florida Kilos," Ultraviolence: The perfect cocaine song: fizzy and immaterial—kind of empty, actually, though in the best way possible. It's... fun. Can it be both? 11. 9) "Born to Die," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: Lana's long, clear fascination with death has often come under attack by critics who think this interest is flippant, or irresponsible. Cinnamon Girl 10. But we know our voices will be muffled. She really is the queen of Coney Island. And as with so many of the other songs on Honeymoon, Lana's voice sounds soft as silk, but just as strong, making it hard to forget what a powerful weapon it is she's wielding. The David Bowie call-out toward the end of the song is too perfect; there is no artist simultaneously more alien and more human than Lana right now. Lana Del Rey unveiled the cover and tracklist for her upcoming album, 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club,' on Sunday — and she's already on the defensive about the visual. Verse Chorus – part 1 Chorus – part 2 ----- ----- ----- C x3201x G 32003x D xx023x Em 02200x Bm x2443x C x3201x D xx023x Em 02200x Em 02200x C x3201x G 32003x D There's something liberating (not empowering, just freeing) about Lana voicing her experience, offering a new perspective on a dark situation. It's earnest in the most endearing possible way. Lana Del Rey - "Born To Die" (Born to Die, 2012) The first few notes of this Lana Del Rey song signal … Only album official songs are included. It's... entertaining. 54) "Without You," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: "Everything I want I have"... what a way to start off a song of frenzy and desire and loss and need. And this is the perfect example, this song which always feels like she's trying to rush ahead of her emotions, but she can't outrun them. 16) "Freak," Honeymoon: Pretty much all of Lana's songs feel anthemic, but at first listen, "Freak" isn't necessarily one of them. 12) "Money Power Glory," Ultraviolence: Instead of teaching schoolchildren the 3 Rs, assemblies should periodically be held where this song is listened to on repeat. 52) "Is This Happiness," Ultraviolence: Is this happiness? And, pronunciation alert: The way Lana says "tawking" is a thing of beauty. In that spirit, she released Paradise, a mini-album close to Christmas, one that finds her copying nearly wholesale the look and feel of her vampish Born to Die personality. Written By Lana Del Rey. You're in church. God Knows I Tried Definitely not that. 14. Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have – but I Have It, 1. 7) "Off to the Races," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: Appropriating the words of the most famous fictional sexual predator of all time? It's a purr and a jangle, a scratch down the cheek. But! Freak But it's always worth it to be free, to get high. The opening notes to this, the first song on Ultraviolence, are, I think, part of my DNA now. It's perfect. That this song feels almost tactile, and is a full-blown sensory experience, adds to the hypnotic experience that is listening to it. 3. 3. 6. Lana wants you to let your "Freak" flag fly, and why not? And that she's doing it in service of skewering the idea of true love and luck and the stars aligning makes that piercing feeling we get when listening to this song all the more sharp. Really, really well, as it turns out. 30) "Salvatore," Honeymoon: Spring has come in this super-strange song, full of sibilance; it's Lana as a snake. New Politics . Neighbourhood. Vote up the best Lana Del Rey albums, and vote down the ones that were disappointing. (Every single instance of her New York accent coming through on this album is perfection, but most especially with how she says "awesome." Like gasp after gasp of shortened breath? Pretty When You Cry Besides the fact that some of her most iconic tunes live on this project, this album represents an incredibly brave experiment on the artist’s part to explore music that went against the grain. Like the tickling moment before an electric shock hits? Which, also, spoiler: Choosing favorites anymore, or saying which song is "better" than the others is now total bullshit because they're all brilliant.Â. The references aren't pinned to anywhere or anyone specifically, they exist in their own world. 8. It's also notable because Lana gets some criticism sometimes for not veering away from her usual style, but what the inimitable "West Coast" proves is that Lana doesn't need to adhere to anything except being Lana. Off to the Races Lana's languid voice has a wistfulness, a soft yearning that manages to also be super seductive and almost playful. "Swan Song" is so satisfying to listen to and sing along with post-messy-relationship. 17) "Pretty When You Cry," Ultraviolence: It's the steady drumbeat grounding this song, pushing it along like a heartbeat, that really takes it to the next level. No! So, I made my own. Since then, two of her studio albums have hit number one on Billboard charts. Best albums and songs of 2019: Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X. 43) "The Other Woman," Ultraviolence: Lana does sad really well, same with angry. 29) "Ride," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: Oh, I mean, just the way Lana sings "don't break me down," with that ultra-soulful delivery and then follows it up speeding through the words "I drive fast," spoken so quickly and almost under her breath, just the way she does that makes me want whatever it is she's offering, and, in this song, that's freedom, pure and complicated. Lights. Lana Del Rey’s new song ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’ is a swooning ode to starting anew. 38) "Lust for Life," Lust for Life: This song has actually grown on us since its release; at first, we were a little bit, like, What's going on here? This is better than any other national anthem we can stake claim to after all. Find Out Which Lana Del Rey Song Matches Your Soul "Tell me I'm your National Anthem." Lana Del Rey. Never. Let her hiss, and get closer if you dare. Not for her love to come to her, but for him to ask her to come to him. But she's singing to her experience, not to an aspiration. 7. we want to shout to her. You had your chance. Dark Paradise I felt like I'd always been explaining to everyone that summer was a season of sadness and death and nobody ever believed me. This song is the embodiment of the red, white, and blue—right before it goes boom.Â, 49) "Guns and Roses," Ultraviolence: I go back and forth between thinking every Lana Del Rey song is purely earnest or purely ironic, and this is a particularly fun one with which to switch up the intent. This song is one we like to drift to sleep listening to; our dreams are full of palm trees whose fronds drip blood and stoic gargoyles, but what are you going to do, really?Â. And while people's mouths are firmly shut, they can listen to this breathy, lighter than air, floats like a butterfly, stings like a submachine gun song about being in an oppressive relationship that is just so hard to get out of that it almost feels not worth it. 6) "High by the Beach," Honeymoon: People try to tell me this isn't a breakup song, and that it's just about the paparazzi, and, like, I get that, but also people can seriously just try and be quiet for once. 21) "The Blackest Day," Honeymoon: With songs like this populating Honeymoon, Lana's last album, it's no wonder everyone is talking about how much happier she sounds now on Lust for Life. But, you know, sometimes you just really want tragic and dreamy songs to listen to on gray, rainy days, while you sit in your darkened room painting your nails blue, you know? 8. 41) "Blue Velvet," Born to Die-Paradise Edition: Okay, wait! But not Lana's best.Â. No one better.Â. 4) "National Anthem," Born to Die: Um, can we just replace "The Star-Spangled Banner" with this and call it a day? 24)  "Sad Girl," Ultraviolence: Of course, Lana hasn't always been as happy as she is now in "Groupie Love." Which doesn't mean there isn't a lot to like in this song, particularly when she's singing, "In the land of Gods and Monsters I was an angel looking to get fucked hard." You pray and you pray, and then you make your own way. From her hands. But then the sky drops out from under you, and you go spinning to the ground, cushioned only by the music.Â. Born to Die Maybe it shouldn't have aged so well, but the beauty of Video Games—and of Lana—is how it exists outside of time. Muse. You listen to her because she's cool. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. But it's particularly awesome when I'm singing along to this song and thinking of when, if ever, I will have the chance to deliver the most perfect comeback ever to anyone trying to put me down: "I'm a dragon, you're a whore. The Blackest Day I'll take it.Â. 10) "Love," Lust for Life: Wait, so this song is brand-new, but I'm already completely obsessed with its melancholic sense of desire and quiet awe. Lana singing about eyes "bluer than velvet," with strings soaring in the background is what we want to hear playing every time we ever feel the slightest bit wistful or remorseful, ever again. Mariana and The Diamonds. That Lana is compelled by the only universal human experience (other than birth) doesn't make her a freak, it makes her a person. Now I just direct them to this song. I don't think so. Lana Del Rey on Trump’s Presidency: “As Bad as It Was, It Really Needed to Happen” In a rambling interview, the singer also touches on her new album's cover and the Capitol insurrection she asks, but never begs. It's the kind of song you can't help but relate to if you've ever been in a relationship in which you willingly put on blinders; all the better to stay focused, and to hide the tears.
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