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However, he gets tangled in the lights after trying to fix any burnt out lights, and his friends try to pull him out, only for him to be launched into the air with the lights. Angela considers going on a diet after weighing herself on a scale, and desperately trains with Tom, who has no interest in dieting. Extra episodes: Tom's pets role-play as space explorers, when one of them loses its jetpack, which gets stuck on the chimney. Tom and Angela succeed and deactivate the invention, only for Ginger to use it, not knowing what it really is. Thinking that he is a robber, Ginger funs off to warn his friends, but when they arrive, they see him ostensibly repairing something, and reprimand Ginger for the false alarm. Tom's predicts that he'll find love, while Angela's predicts bad luck. He also appeared in the first Virtual pet app by Outfit7 named My Talking Tom. The friends avoid him in disgust, and Ginger touches the tree, winning again. Hank participates in an eating contest, in which he is in last place. There, he chooses to steal the crystals giving the Crystal Mentor his powers, and succeeds. For the television series, see, List of most downloaded Android applications, "Outfit7 Surpasses 100 Million Downloads With Family-Friendly Talking Character Apps", "Tom's Love Letters – Apps on Google Play", "What the Talking Angela app is really saying to your kids", "My Talking Angela – Apps on Google Play", "Talking Tom Jetski – Apps on Google Play", "Talking Tom Bubble Shooter – Apps on Google Play", "Talking Tom Gold Run – Apps on Google Play", "Talking Angela Color Splash – Apps on Google Play", "Talking Tom Jetski 2 – Apps on Google Play", "Talking Tom Candy Run – Apps on Google Play", "Talking Tom Cake Jump – Apps on Google Play", "Talking Tom Jump Up – Apps on Google Play", "Talking Tom Fun Fair – Apps on Google Play", "Talking Tom Hero Dash - Run Game – Apps on Google Play", "Talking Tom Splash Force – Apps on Google Play", "My Talking Tom Friends – Apps on Google Play", "Outfit7's Talking Friends Merchandise Aims To Invade Your Closet", "Talking Tom Superstar pictures and hands-on",,, "Talking Angela Game: Some People Still Believe Hoax That Human is Watching Them", "Talking Angela App Game Hoax: '7 Year Old Eli Moreno Missing After Installing App' Article Isn't Real", "Talking Angela app scare based on a hoax", "No, the Talking Angela app is not dangerous for your children", "Why the Talking Angela App is Completely Safe For Your Children", "Talking Angela App Scare Skyrockets App to Top of Charts", "My Talking Tom: Ads asked children if they \'wanna f**k\' in Android and iPhone app", "Explicit sex ads appeared in a smartphone app for children", "And in first place is... 'My Talking Tom' App Hits The Top Spot", "The Tabby Awards 2014 Winners, Users' Choice and Finalists",, Video games adapted into television shows, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The friends visit an aquarium, where the Raccoon Robber steals a pearl. Help Talking Tom convince Talking Angela he's the right cat for her by talking to her, giving her gifts and singing to her. Extra episodes: Talking Tom and Friends Minis is a South Korean-British-American 2D animated web series featuring Talking Tom and his friends. Tom, Angela, Hank and Ben go to the beach, where Ben uses his new invention to shrink their baggage and make going to the shade easier. Later, they choose to feed the moles, and Note: The total duration includes that of episodes 05 and 12 The friends get rid of the toothache, and force Hank to brush his teeth.Note: The total duration includes that of episodes 02 and 11 Tom and Angela go to a park for a picnic. When Tom and Hank fight about who should have the treasure, Angela finds them and is angered. Tom goes to the kitchen, leaving Hank to watch the show, when a ghost appears and scares them, and is revealed to be Angela. Have fun with Talking Tom and his new toys, meet his funny pets and try out all the new mini games! |Aux3 = 31:09 Tom gets sick after eating too much ice cream, and ends up standing Angela up on their date. Later, Tom and Hank give back Angela's plane, and she starts it, only for the paint to be blown off and the plane is revealed to be Tom's, and Angela chases Tom and Hank. [17], My Talking Angela is a virtual pet app released in 2014 that allows the user to take care of Angela as she grows, and rename and customise her. [221] The series has since been discontinued. What are you waiting for? [30], Talking Tom Jetski 2 is a jetski racing video-game released in 2018. Extra episodes: Tom tries Yoga and gets hurt trying to impress Angela, so Angela gives him a bell to ring whenever he needs something. It was produced by Disney Interactive Studios, and ran on YouTube from June 8, 2012, to August 31, 2012, for 10 episodes. RACING IS FUN! The costume works well, until Angela accidentally tears it, and the costume starts changing into various other costumes, like hula dancers and karatekas and controlling Angela's movements. Ginger and Angela recover Tom's hero crystal from the drain and give it back to Tom in the nick of time. Then, Angela chooses to take Tom to a rock concert, much to his delight. [222] As of late October 2019, the film is now in the script stage, but they are still figuring out on what the movie should look like and what the story should be like. {{Episode table | background=#0D9BFF | overall=3 | title=50 | director=10 |writer=16 | Aux3=5 | Aux3T=Runtime | airdate=10 | airdateT=Release date | Aux4=3 |Aux4T=Ref.
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