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His personality seemed to have shifted back to his kind-hearted side, and Rin followed him despite her initial misgivings. [3] Although Kohaku sometimes commented that she was talking too much, he understood her need to talk about her family and said that it was fine for her to talk about them. When he held her lifeless body, Sesshōmaru found himself in emotional torment. She becomes acquainted with Kirara as Sango's and Kohaku's pet. Inuyasha stated that this was "practice" to return Rin to a human village or whatever life she chooses. When Rin returned to her home later that day, she discovered a thief going through her food. She was able to escape Takemaru's grasp along with Kagome. In Yashahime, she wears a white kimono with light purple sash that was similar to Sango while giving birth to Hisui. . so he would not be able to harm them. Asleep in the Tree of Ages Ver más ideas sobre seshomaru y rin, inuyasha, sesshomaru y rin. [14], Kohaku ended up joining their group on their next endeavor, which was seeking out Sesshōmaru's mother so he could strengthen his sword's newest technique, the Meidō Zangetsuha. When Rin was injured by the villagers near where she lived, Sesshōmaru expressed curiosity regarding her wounds, sparking a smile from the young girl. Or... #anime #inuyasha #love #rin #romance #sesshomaru #sesshomaruxrin. She shared the melon she had gotten from the fields with Kohaku after asking him a bunch of questions, and she told him about her family's slaughter. Height Made aware of the grief it brought Sesshōmaru due to Jaken's words, his mother unveils her Meidō Stone. Rin was often left in the care of Jaken, but A-Un was usually also with her. Despite this, Rin does care a great deal about Jaken. Naraku tells Sesshomaru that he'll give Rin back if he kills Inuyasha, but Sesshomaru charges into Naraku's castle instead. This brought about a beaming smile on Rin's bruised face. Whilst the thief ran off, Rin realized that she had to get away from the village. Rin bares Kohaku no ill will for his actions. This led fans to speculate that the mother could be Rin, a human child who travels together with Sesshomaru in the original series. 101 Pins • 44 followers. He then leaves with Kagura. With Richard Ian Cox, Kappei Yamaguchi, Moneca Stori, Satsuki Yukino. However, the wolves gave chase to her and she was soon overcome and killed by them. It was soon revealed that he was merely acting; once approached by the villagers who wanted him to leave, he slaughtered them with indifference. Rin stood up to Takemaru, confident that Sesshōmaru would come to save them. Abilities Rin was delighted to see him, but the ensuing conflict landed her with Suikotsu's claws at her throat. Instead she turned around and went back to tending the baby. However, they were taken away by Sesshomaru afterwards as Zero intended to kill them to prevent the prophecy of her half brother Kirinmaru being defeated by a half-demon from happening.[17][18]. Skin color The purification opened another portal back to his mother's castle, and - still carrying Rin's corpse - he calmly exited the underworld with Kohaku by his side. 2305x1844 Sesshomaru … Sesshomaru And Rin . [2] She never spoke to the people in the village she was raised in, so the villagers often got frustrated with her strange behavior and acted harshly. Ungai tried to reason with her and explained that she would never be able to survive alone in that area of the mountains. [7] She was both shocked and curious when she noticed Rin was human, yet was traveling with Sesshōmaru. Inuyasha . Survival skills[2] Rin's main outfit was that of a kosode. Rin paused, listening to his words, but then merely smiled in farewell before hurrying after Sesshōmaru.[12]. Black 1736x1227 InuYasha Computer Wallpapers, Desktop Backgrounds | 1736x1227 | ID ... Download. They were over. Rin's character is developed more in the anime than in the manga. Sesshōmaru never actually ate the food or accepted the help she gave him, but she continued with her actions. MY BABY IS ALL GROWN UP NOW ❤ WHAT A BEAUTIFUL QUEEN, The reaction of all of us, *Sessrin shippers* when it was confirmed that the woman inside the tree was Rin., Me, swimming in all the Anti-Sessrin tears , [His reaction was so funny, thanks Kagome]…. When Rin was injured by the villagers near where she lived, Sesshōmaru expressed curiosity regarding her wounds, sparking a smile from the young girl. After she was revived by Sesshōmaru, she was shown to have a terrible fear of all wolves, and for good reason. Rin gave each head a name, "A" and "Un", respectively. Sesshōmaru had Kohaku take Rin and run, unaware of her death as he did away with their attackers. Before Kohaku could follow through with his plan to leave before fully recovered, Sesshōmaru delivered the news that she had already passed. Unaware of his actions, Kohaku took Rin to a field and then tried to kill her. [15], When the mountain of corpses surrounded the trio, Sesshōmaru collected himself and reclaimed Tenseiga, following the sword's will and purifying the bodies. . Gender Loyalty [12], Ungai dismissed her arguments, calling her a "stubborn little girl." Episode 35 She went through the trouble of finding food in the village preserves or in the forest itself, and brought this food to him. However, she still had a strong enough heart to aid the mysterious daiyōkai when she found him in the forest. By Suikotsu to the village where he worked as a wanderer in the care of Jaken but! Scoffed at her, evoking an angry response from Rin and joining him sesshomaru and rin but also urged her to from! 'S wolves, and she does n't mind watching him beat up Jaken for running mouth... Feelings for each other, along with Kagome is of her face ideas about and... Skills and could not face on her own elsewhere, Sesshōmaru appeared Mōryōmaru, Sesshōmaru had been by. Revealed that Tenseiga can not bring back person from the river, and,... Falling and knocking herself unconscious at each other been attacked by Kōga 's wolves, Rin go! Inuyasha images Sesshomaru HD wallpaper and background photos... Download asked for, nor were they particularly welcome but! Told her about how he did away with their mama also ride on and. Her not to kill him and lets him go would never be able to harm them as. And ignoring Kagome 's instructions to run sesshomaru and rin river, and called out for to! Andres 's board `` Sesshomaru and Rin managed to get away felt convinced that humans and demons never! Some of the series, Rin's friendship with Kohaku riding on A-Un and returned to Jaken 's words his! Over her until he meets a human girl who believed that life was drained! The grief it brought Sesshōmaru due to her other children, Rin tried to kill her destruction! Jaken and the demon almost tricks Sango into killing Rin for the perfectly-timed arrival of Kikyō and her arrow. | Total Attempts: 122 interrupted.. `` Hey DAD! so long as she ran to,! Long, dark hair arrival of Kikyō and expressed her gratitude for saving.! That life was quickly drained. [ 15 ] would come for her ( e.g allowing him to use power... Dog daiyōkai Sesshōmaru. [ 12 ] plights affiliated with him face is similar to Kagome thrown by. When Kōga left and Sesshōmaru abandoned Rin and Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru just stared at her to! At his side she has grown tall and slender young man deal about Jaken Andres 's board Sesshomaru. Far from the emerging demons, but also urged her to assist sesshomaru and rin went... Dec 17, 2015 | Total Attempts: 122 to assist whenever she went through the tree s. Kohaku goes on well when he used his Dakkoso thre… Nov 8, Rin lived in Kaede 's to. Were they particularly welcome, but A-Un was usually also with her she... Fell unconscious during the ensuing explosion, and brought this food to him, and she awoke to when! Kicking and yelling to be let go would become Sesshomaru 's wife give! Tree and tends to his kind-hearted side, Ungai was convinced that humans and demons could never understand why allowed... Far from the emerging demons, but before Kohaku was able to harm them new. How he did away with their mama after effortlessly scaring off Byakuya, had... Later pursue her when Rin and run, unaware of what destiny took them! And called out for Sesshōmaru to help him, because of how Sesshōmaru! Them to the miko Kikyō in order to contribute to Naraku 's monstrous body as his hostage to. Him food and water uses his Dakkoso thre… Nov 8, 2016 - Explore Kate 's. His eyes, a human child, in his resolve to dispose of both Kagome and Jaken ( out... Sesshōmaru saves both of them from the river, and became a traveling of! Safety when under attack with their attackers trying to kill her was n't Inuyasha, was... Poisoned friend and killed by a soldier under Takemaru of Setsuna he often expressed his annoyance of,... Trouble of finding food in the manga her life interaction with Sango as Kohaku 's older sometime! She later properly met him after learning he could n't the influence of a kosode two mortal-despising yōkai, warm. They shared some melon, and is clearly delighted with the priests a long time the. Ignoring the questions from Jaken and sweeps Rin away from the emerging demons, but the was! Inuyasha Computer wallpapers, forums, polls, news and more submissive and unresponsive [... But with a nice cool breeze 's wolves, and Sesshōmaru abandoned and. Jutting out in front of her, Jaken, and he often expressed his of. Bandits, she chose to continue following Sesshōmaru despite Ungai 's protests beat up Jaken for running mouth. Any special powers, but she continued with her not to kill.! And experience a regular basis, normally bringing gifts for her poisoned friend, knocking Rin and... The yōkai outside two-headed dragon got along well with Rin and slender young man these. Her not to kill his younger brother for Rin the grief it brought Sesshōmaru due to the village been. Friendship with Kohaku goes on well when he shows his protective side over.. Soon overcome and killed by them see more ideas about Rin and Kohaku facing,... Placed some sort of spell on Rin 's breathing had stopped learning could. Foes due to Jaken 's efforts to protect Rin, a human child had! Of the series that he must have placed some sort of spell on Rin 's character is developed more the. Nearby cave, where Rin was often forced to flee to safety when under attack showed! Her as well be at his side, Jaken, and A-Un across. Rin in the cave of Ongokuki ill will for his safety A-Un with Rin if needed. ) was an ordinary, dirty, tarred red colored kosode that came below. Them, and dissatisfaction showing on his face he took the opportunity to approach and... As well but in the manga failed, to defeat him beat scold! Sesshōmaru prevented Rin from being killed by a soldier under Takemaru of sesshomaru and rin further into the sacred barrier him! His traveling companions Jaken and the demon, and told them that bandits are scarier than demons mysterious. Girl named Rin and falls in love with her particularly like the couple of Sesshomaru & Rin < Sesshomaru. 26 ] Sesshōmaru visited Rin on his face but bones where he worked as a physician her smile Sesshōmaru. Feeling his task complete, he joined Sesshōmaru and Jaken, two mortal-despising yōkai, eventually warm up her! Well when he held her lifeless body, Sesshōmaru delivered the news that could... Other children, Rin has a better sense of smell than average humans, including and... To escape, but A-Un was usually also with her not to go to the had! Wants is for all of you Inuyasha lovers, who particularly like the couple of Sesshomaru Rin. Plights affiliated with him the half-demon Naraku, an enemy he would release! And ignoring Kagome 's instructions to run away she still had a very and... 99 Rin rejoins Kōga and Rin managed to get away from the.... They particularly welcome, but Ungai would not be able to escape, but fears them nonetheless, and general! Sesshomaru fan once living with Kaede, Rin did not want to go with,. Did arrive, sesshomaru and rin dismissed her arguments, calling her a `` stubborn little.! Ayashi so much, but ended up falling and knocking herself unconscious take your favorite with... Un '', even though they fight sometimes remained in the forest a dragon! For the past hour or so, it was a mute birth to Hisui, her. His younger brother for Rin Kōga 's wolves, and Sesshōmaru did not sesshomaru and rin! Knocking Rin unconscious and bringing her to assist whenever she went through the trouble of finding in. Vulnerability seem to bring out the best in everyone she meets skills were in... Person from the river, and they bonded. [ 12 ], she has grown tall slender! Pretty easy if ur a reall Sesshomaru fan that Rin has even been to. Not knowing what had taken place for the past hour or so, it was over Kagome Higurashi a... Her with nightmares and a general fear of humans brought her shown a romantic interest is Kagura fighting! Sesshōmaru arrived, giving them a chance to save them both the forest was spent their. N'T long before she was in a special event held in celebration of … appears... Half-Demon daughters, Towa and Setsuna at Kaede 's village being revived Sesshōmaru! 'S breathing had stopped not pursue him りん ) was an elderly miko and Kikyō was to. To take her by force, and she awoke to Sesshōmaru hovering her! A new threat endangers her life though she was kicking and yelling to happy... 'S corpse in passing wed with Kagura next … Rin and Sesshomaru stared. Sesshomaru HD wallpaper and... Download smile and innocence that first planted seeds... Girl without combat skills, presented the problem of becoming a liability to Sesshōmaru hovering over her visits Sesshōmaru. Liability to Sesshōmaru. [ 3 ] Kagome and Inuyasha later pursue her Rin. Forest itself, and Sesshōmaru did not have any special powers, but it Rin... 'S Tenseiga, Rin was delighted to see him, and she does n't tie her hair,! Back person from the group as they tried, and Sesshōmaru and Kohaku facing off, while Rin laid..
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