Some of these ceremonies have religious or cultural significance. When a boy reaches a stage where he is considered to be mature enough to mark his becoming an adult, the Sacred Thread Ceremony is performed. Unlike Confirmation, the Sacred Thread Ceremony is traditionally only for boys. Hindu Sacred Thread Ceremony 1. During the first part of the ceremony, the girl wears Langa Voni* given by her maternal grandparents. In Hindu culture in the state of Tamil Nadu, a girl’s attainment of puberty is considered one of the biggest milestones of her life — … In some parts of China, there has recently been a resurgence of the Confucian-style coming of age ceremonies Ji Li (for girls) and Guan Li (for boys). November 05, 2020 18:42 IST ... and events in Indira Bai and Bhagirathi are set in colonial Indian towns, ... rituals, and women’s place in society. "Upanayana" means "sitting close by" which is referring to the child and his guru (spiritual teacher). Namkaran: Child Hindu Naming Ceremony In Hinduism coming of age generally signifies that a boy or girl is mature enough to understand his responsibility towards family and society. In South India tradition, this coming-of-age ceremony is celebrated when a girl reaches puberty. And the occasion was a “puberty ceremony,” a coming-of-age ceremony that is unique to some communities in South India. Coming of age- Becoming an adult. At the time, I did not know--nor was I interested in knowing--that what had just occurred was … The ceremonies typically honor youth who have turned 20, and provide a fun opportunity to wear traditional dress. The rituals vary with the religion, culture and norms. S. Jayasrinivasa Rao. Their rites of passage are central to their strong social and religious traditions. Hinduism. These ceremonies express and celebrate the importance of the major landmarks of human life, including birth, first feeding and coming of age. The Video An Example Of A Young Girls Ritual When I reached puberty, my mother gave me a necklace to honor the occasion. The Puberty tradition is an age old tradition which is being followed or years now. Nepal Style Rites of Passage The Newars are the indigenous people of Nepal's Kathmandu Valley. during birth, coming of age, wedding, pregnancy, funeral and so forth. Most are Hindus. Due to a … Coming of age . 2. Women often celebrate their coming to age by having a ceremony. This tradition is mainly followed in the South India, where a huge celebration is conducted when a girl reaches her sexual maturity (Puberty). In general, a naming ceremony is the event at which an infant, or a youth, is given a name or names. Then the paternal grandparents gift their granddaughter with her first sari which she wears during the second part of the ceremony. The “Coming of Age” ritual (also known as Tamil Manjal Neerattu Vizha {‘Turmeric Bathing Ceremony’}, Kani-peedi and Ritu Kala Samskara {Ritusuddhi}) is the last part of the coming of age celebration for a female. Hinduism also has the sacred thread ceremony for Dvija (twice-born) boys that marks their coming of age to do religious ceremonies. Hindu Coming of Age The Sacred Thread Ceremony or “Upanayana”. The Sacred Thread Ceremony (also known as "Upanayana") is the coming-of-age ceremony for Hindus. The timing can vary from mere days after birth to several months or many years. Being young and naive, I questioned not.